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crospooky said: hey! how's it going? I was wondering if you're still doing gifs or not?

Ok, i’ve been getting a lot of messages and i want to say i’m sorry, but college is taking 100% of my time :(

So i’m thinking about giving this blog to someone interested in keeping it updated.

So if you know how to make gifs, send me a message


But first … let me take a #selfie.

Hearty hat tip to Gamereax for the GIF

GIF: Brett Lawrie’s Mischievous Moustache


image Brett Lawrie’s Mischievous moustache appears to be working.

lorieslounge said: Hey do you know what happened to blue jays hunter? I can't find his blog !!! Can u get back to me either way, thanks Lorie

Lawrie and J-Bau after Bautista’s HR

Hello folks,

well, i guess i’m back? well, not for so long, i’m going on vacation this saturday so don’t expect gifs until the 15th
but don’t forget: